Ustad Hotel is all about Faizi (Dulquer) who was born to a Muslim family as the younger one to four Sisters. His Father (Siddique) was so keen to have a boy in his family and finally he got one. Faizi’s Mother (Praveena) died soon after his birth. Faizi was brought up by his four Sisters. Faizi always wanted to study something different from others and in the procedure he did a course in Chef from Switzerland cheating his Father saying that he was doing a course in Hotel Management. Faizi was sent to see a girl for his marriage, Suhana (Nithya Menon) to whome he told about his Chef Course. His Father was angry after coming to know about Faizi. Later Faizi decided to go to his Grandfather (Thilakan) who was the owner of ‘Ustad Hotel’. The movie brings out a beautiful relationship between Faizi and his Grandfather with some later happenings in the story.

The movies first half was filled with some beautiful moments from Faizi’s life. The half also had some beautiful Romance sequences and comedies too. The second half was a bit more serious one as this half portrayed the love and relationship between Faizi and his Grandfather. The climax portions also had a message in with it which keeps the people thinking.

Anwar Rasheed is truly a master class Director. In his previous outings he has proved it and this time too he proves his capability in style. Script by Anjali is as good as a sweet poem. Cinematography by Lokanathan was Amazing with each shots being too perfect. The Editing section was perfect by Mahesh. The songs were well made and melodious to hear. The credit goes to Gopi Sundar. BGM had a special attraction and it played a major part in carrying the Movie to the end in a style.

In the acting section there was a good show by all the actors especially Thilakan and Dulquer, Well supported by Nithya, Siddique and rest of the crew .Dulquer gave a cool, simple and melodious performance. Thilakan was at his best adding to the beauty of the movie.

Anwar will enjoy his outing after three years, he will be praised for this work for ever. Anjali will taste the success too. Her previous work “Manjadikuru” was amazing but it was not a hit in Boxoffice. But this time she will see the success from Box office too. Dulquer once again is successful in being a part of a good movie.