Thappana is all about Samson (Mammootty) Who is a kind hearted robber getting out of the jail after 3 years. He sees Mallika (Charmy) who is also getting out of the jail after 7 years imprisonment and Samson feels a special attraction to her. Suddenly Samson sees that Mallika met with an accident and he takes her to hospital and from there Samson accompanies Mallika to her place. The story deals with the journey of Samson along With Mallika to Mallikas place. On the Way they share their past life experiences and some joyfull events also take place in during this journey. The rest of the movie deals with what happens after they reach Mallikas place and how Samson becomes a part of Mallikas life.

The Movies first half is extraordinary one with many one liners, some brilliant expressions and solid performance by Mammootty. The first half is absolutely entertaining. Moving towards the second half the things changed a bit serious and there were also some good comedy sequences in this half. The climax is a simple and predictable one which felt apt for this movie rather than having a big twist and turn. Overall the first half stood out being more entertaining. There was only one song in this movie that too in the first half which was simply awesome to hear and very well picturised. The movie is completely free of crap comedies and double meaning comedies.

Johny’s Direction is good and in accordance with the simplicity of the theme. This was probably the first time he is going out with such a movie which is a feel good and simple one like “Elsamma Enna Aankutty” and “Ordinary”. Sindhuraj’s script is just like his previous movie with a feel good factor .Rather than picking up a mass subject and adding many twists and turns he selected a simple feel good subject and which was well taken by Johny. But watching the movie we may feel at some points that the script could have been better. Cinematography by Rajarathnam needs a special mention and some brilliant high range shots added beauty to the frames and adds to the visual excellence of the movie.Music by Vidhyasagar was amazing. The only song in the movie was great to hear and also the frames added to its beauty. The editting by Ranjan could have been better.

In the acting section there are some incredible performances. Mammootty has put up maximum from his side. It was a pure one man show from Mammootty. Simple ,cool , energetic and genuine performance from the Megastar . This is the biggest advantage of this movie.It was seen from his eyes that he definitely needs a hit. Charmy who might be doing this kind of a role for the first time has done a decent job. Vijayaraghavan have done his part well. Vijeesh who appeared for 5 minutes have given a good show. Kalabhavan Shajon also did his part well. Murali Gopi also have done a decent job in his villain character. Rest all were apt for this movie.

Johny may be getting another hit through Thappana. A genuine comeback for The Megastar is on the way. The fate of this movie will be decided by the audience and it feels that this time it want go wrong for the Megastar.