Jawan Of Vellimala is all about Gopikrishnan (Mammootty) Who is a retired Jawan working as a guard for Vellimala Dam. He is considered as a Coward and he faces many teasing’s for the same in his life. Varghese (Sreenivasan) comes as the chief executive engineer for the Vellimala Dam who has a daughter (Leona). Koshy Oommen (Aisf Ali) comes to the chief executive engineer for getting the payment for construction of the dam which was done by his father. Anitha (Mamta) is a subordinate of Varghese. The movie is resolving around the life of them along with the people of Vellimala. The story says about what is the mystery holding behind the Dam and what makes this Jawan a Coward.

The Movies first half is a good one with really good picturizations and a walk through to the life of Gopikrishnan. The movie is succefull in creating a thrilling feel throughout this half about what is really happening and what is the real story behind the Dam. The second half deals in revealing the story one by one. The climax is the biggest positive of this movie, really touching and carrying a good message which ends the movie on a higher note.

Anoop’s Direction is really good as a fresher and he has a bright future ahead. His good direction covered some week points in the script. James Albert took up a good and fresh subject but he couldn’t give a fully perfect writing to the subject and it was the negative of this movie. But the advantage was that he is successful in making a feel like something big will happen but what really happened was not that big. Cinematography by Satheesh Kurup was one of the positive for this movie. His frames set a refreshing and cool feel throughout the movie. Music by Bijibal was good to hear, but the placement of songs in the movie didn’t make an impact. His BGM gave a good feel to the movie. The editing section could have been handled better.

In the acting section it was yet another one man show by Mammootty but he didn’t have much to do either. Asif was good this time with a short and feel good role Sreenivasan did a good job in his role. Leona and Mamtha felt apt to the role. Baburaj also gave a good show with his dance steps and some good comedy numbers.

Anoop definitely will take a place in Malayalam Film Industry Through this movie. Mammootty after an ok comeback through Thappana may be expecting a huge comeback through Jawan but it’s still not sure how this experimental movie will go through. We will have to wait before commenting on anything about Jawans Box Office status.