Ayalum Njanum Thammil is all about Ravi Tharakan (Prithviraj) who is a dedicated Doctor. He practiced under his senior Samuel (Pratap Pothen) along with Supriya (Remya). Ravi was an irresponsible guy throughout his college life where he had to face a lot of failure in his academics. He was in Love with Sainu (Samvrutha) during his college life. He had a friend Vivek (Narain) who was always with him both in his college life as well as his life thereafter. The movie deals with how Ravi was converted from an irresponsible person to a dedicated doctor by his senior. The Movie also portrays a good relation Ravi had with Dr. Samuel.

Both the halves of the movie are equally good carrying a good feel throughout along with good picturizations. The movie enters deeply into ones heart. One may feel that the climax could have been better but it doesn’t have anything to do with the classiness and perfection it carries throughout.

Lal Jose’s Direction is the central point of attraction of the movie, the way he brought out a good script is really amazing. Jomon’s camera added a special beauty to this well directed movie; His frames set a refreshing and cool feel throughout the movie. The script by Bobby Sanjay team is really good. Music by Ouseppachan was good to hear. His BGM also gave a good feel to the movie. The editing section by Ranjan was fine.

In the acting section al the lead characters have given their best adding to the success of the movie. Prathap Pothen is really excellent as Dr. Samuel. Prithviraj have given a brilliant performance infact after a long time. Narain,Remya,Samvrutha and Reema have done their parts perfectly. On a whole it was an out and out show in the acting section.

Lal Jose will be continuing his dream run through Ayalum Njanum Thammil. Prithviraj is expected to be on track with this movie.