“Maad Dad” is all about Mariyam (Nazriya) who is the daughter of Easow (Lal). Easow loses his father while he was very young. He falls in love with Anuradha (Meghna) who was a junior in his college and marries her. She dies in an accident which makes Easow a mad person. But Mariyam feels that he is not mad and just says that his deep love to her mom makes him do all these mad things. She tries hard to bring him back to life. The movie deals with a good Father - Daughter relationship between Mariyam and Easow. The movie says about the rest happenings in their life.

The Movie carries out good emotions in some parts. The first half gives importance to build a baseline for Father Daughter relationship. This relationship grows along as the movie progresses. And the climax doesn’t do much to this loosely bound movie other than leaving behind many question’s in the minds of viewers.

Revathi Varmah tried her best in direction but the script lacked contents. Apart from some deeply felt scenes there wasn’t much in the script. Cinematography by Pradeep has done a good job which gives a freshness to watch the movie. Music by Alex Paul seemed fine. The editing section handled by John could also seems passable.

In the acting section Nazriya gave a good show even though this was her debut movie as a heroine. Lal is not impressing as Maad Dad. His dubbing also lacked life. Padmapriya, Meghna Raj and Sreejith didn’t have much to perform. The rest of the cast gave an ok performance.

The movie have really less chances to get noted.