“Isaac Newton S/O Philipose” is all about a Father Son relationship between Philipose (Nedumudi Venu) and Isaac Newton (Lal). Philipose wants Isaac to be an engineer but he is struggling hard to pass his 10th exams. Lal have two close friends (Tini Tom) and (Dhananjayan). Isaac falls in love with Annie (Abhinaya). The movie deals with the rest happenings in the life of this father and son.

The Movie have nothing much in it other than a relationship between Father and Son which we have seen in many other movies like “Manasinakkare” ,"thommanum Makkalum” etc. this movie doesn’t even have a good comedy to laugh out. Both the half’s are equally disappointing.

V Bosse fails terribly in making out a good product from a below average script by Harish Unni. Abusha’s cinematography too have nothing much to say. Music by Bijibal is also a big letdown. Editing section handled by Raja also fails as he couldn’t have done much with this kind of a product.

In the acting section Nedumudi Venu and Lal have done their job. Abhinaya has done what she was supposed to. Tini Tom was a big letdown as a supporting comedian. The rest of the cast didn’t have much to perform .

The movie will fail terribly in Box Office.