Blessys new movie pranayam is filled with acting skills from the actors.A movie which could have been made better was let down due to filled in emotional sequence.Emotions are flowing like anything in the movie which may be hard to get in the viewers.From the status of people viewing the movie while moving to the 3rd day of release is clear cut that this movie cant move beyond a 1or 2 week run.

story of the movie have resemblance to many movies in the past.a man trying to get back what all he lost in the past without understanding the reality that the woman whome he lost have a new family. but the husband of the woman is a person who is able to understand the relation in that sense. slowly a friendship develops in between them and they start enjoying the life suddenly some sad things happen where the movie ends.

mohanlal who did the role of present husband of jaya prada was super to his best. There were many scenes in the movie where a person fall in love with mohanlal for his acting his screen presence was less in the movie. anupam kher who did the role of the man who is the centre head of the story was also awesome. jaya prada was the actress who just donned in the movie by her acting skills the best ever performance for her.all other actors was also good.

lack of entertainment and seriousness may let the movie down at the box office but still the movie is good.Serious movie lovers can have a definite go for this one. If you are looking for entertainment just stay apart from this serious good stuff.