“ABCD” is all about the life of two youngsters Johns (Dulquer Salmaan) and Korah (Jacob Gregory) who were born and brought up in US. They had a lot of money to spend and each month they spent about 20000 Dollars. Johns’s Father (Lalu Alex) decides to send them to India and give them a life experience through reality. ABCD resolves around the happenings in the life of these youngsters in an unknown land India.

The former half carries in a lot of freshness and entertainment. The latter half also managed to maintain it till reaching the last 30 minutes where too much Politics and unwanted scenes popped out. Movie is well good as an entertainer with some thoughts. The very base concept of the movie is a message to the community. Two guys lands up on an unknown land and does something without 100% commitment but still it changes the place a lot, then why can’t some people in our own country decide to do a little for completely changing the place. Here lies the message to the community. I thought of giving a 3/5 for this movie but the last 30 minutes hold me back in giving a 3. Apart from the last 30 minutes it’s a very good entertainer which is well shot and captured.

Martin Prakkats directional skills never went down from Best Actor but it’s hard to say if ABCD will give him the same reputation he got from Best Actor. Sooraj and Neeraj’s screenplay is entertaining but introduction of too many political sequences towards the end felt irritating when considered by the flow in which the movie reached that point. Jomon T John as usual added an amazing visual excellence to this movie. Gopi Sundar’s music too is really good along with a good BGM score. Donmax’s editing too is ok but a much more neat cut to this lengthy movie could have helped.

Dulquer Salmaan and Jacob Gregory were really good in their character’s with Dulquer leading all the way. Aparna Gopinath gave in a very good confident acting in her debut movie. Lalu Alex also was good in his role. Rest of the cast were also good.

This movie will definitely go above a hit level.


* Direction and Cinematography is good.

* Very good entertainment level is maintained throughout.


* Too much political sequences towards the end felt a bit irritating.

Final Word : ABCD Is visually Good And Successful In Creating A Good Level Of Entertainment.

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