Director joshey once again comes up with a youth movie after robinhood and this time its not a disaster as of the previous movie.

Sevenes is a movie which says the story of 7 youths who are font of playing football.They are put into a match which brings them victory but their life is taking a u turn by this match were they knowingly injure a person who was actually not the person they were looking for and to save his life they move into bad practices. They way they save themselves from the situation is shown in the movie.Rest you can see on the screens.

The cast includes kunchacko(syam) who is in lead who captains the team of sevenes in the game as well as the movie. Asif ali, nivin pauly,ameer,rajith,aju etc have their role to play in the movie. Bhama and Reema are the female lead who doesnt have much importance in the movie.maniyampilla raju and nadia moidu also have a good role to play within. Kunchacko has improved a lot from the past.Asif also plays a good role. Important person to be noted is ameer who has no dilogues in the movie but good for his body and style.

Josheys direction is not up to the mark at the starting of the movie but it slowly picks up during the full run of the movie .Script by iqbal also lets down the movie were he couldnt generate punch nor impressive dilogues.

The background score at the beginning was not good but towards the end it was good. The songs were almost suiting to the occassions but the songs were not that impressive.

The important drawback of the movie is the climax which puts the audience in a dilemna whether to take it in good sense . The starting of the movie also was not that interesting for them who went with huge hopes for a joshey movie.

you can definitely watch this movie for one time since its better than robinhood and christian brothers which were the last flicks of joshey .Its better than those movies for the movie and not for the direction which is not upto the mark in sevenes