Venicile vyapari is all about a man named Pavithran(Mammootty) who have an inborn talent of a merchant in him. But unfortunately he ended up as being a police man. His superior officer s.p (janardhanan) finds out that his daughter(Poonam Bajwa) is in deep love with his subordinate constable pavithran from the main thief of the place (Suraj) ,s.p decides to move away pavithran from her daughter’s life and hands over him a famous case of Ajayan’s (Biju Menon) murder who was a famous party worker of Alapuzha (venice of east). Pavithran decides to take up the character of a merchant to proceed with his investigation going to Alapuzha. There he meets Ajayans’s father (Jagathi) and Ajayan’s sister (kavya madhavan) whome later falls in love with Pavithran. Being a merchant Pavithran achieves great success which changes his mind to quit police field and become a merchant forever. The film is based on all the incidents which Pavithran have to face at Alapuzha.

The film started of with a great pace as never before. After the first 30-45 minutes the pace of the movie started declining and reached an almost steady state thereafter. The movie is filled with some good comedies of recent times which creates a laughing environment in the cinema hall. The story seemed to be pretty interesting before getting into the last phase of the movie. The climax of the movie should be said that its just an ordinary one like which we have seen in the past. Nothing new or interesting stuff was found in the climax. It’s the comical scenes, the way in which the 1980’s are replicated , the environment which the movie gives in the theater and the story on which the movie is based which should help the movie succeed in the box office. The film is fully shot in the background of 80’s which was great to watch.

The direction by Shafi is good as before, the way in which he created the environment of 80’s, the way in which the movie is presented all seems to be perfect. James Albert who was assumed to be one of the promising writer in Malayalam failed to recreate the magic which once he created with Classmates. The script of the first half of the movie was seemed to be an interesting one but moving towards the last phase of the movie the standards were just reducing. It’s the script which gave a let back to the movie. The camera man also requires a special mention who rolled the camera perfectly to suit the occasion to recreate 80’s. “Kannum-Kannum” song which once were one among some of the biggest hits in Malyalam is perfectly reproduced which is one of the best part of the movie. It’s just amazing to watch the song in the big screen. The music done by ‘Bijibal’ is good one suiting to the occasion. The BGM of the movie also requires a special mention which reminds us of the 80’s.

Acting wise everyone in the movie has done their parts perfectly. Mammootty did not have anything special to do but the part was perfect with the comedy timings , the action sequences and he just made us feel that he was a vyapari in the Venice of east. Suraj did his role well along with Salim kumar ,Jagathi etc who gave the best comical scenes of recent times. kavya madhavan had a important role to play in the first half of the movie which she did well. The performance of Vijaya raghavan requires a special mention. He succeeded well to maintain his body language perfectly throughout the entire movie.

The winning streak of Shafi should continue through this movie. Mammootty also should get a relaxation on what happened in 2011 for him. The movie if properly marketed would create wonders in box-office. With the audience response the movie is getting it should definitely make some business in the box office.