Second show is all about Lalu or Hari (Dulquer Salman) and his friend Kurudi or Nelson Mandela (Sunny Wayne) both of them being two uneducated youngsters finds way to sustain their life. Kurudi being a lazy guy depends on Lalu for everything moreover Lalu’s mother (Rohini) is so kind that she considers Kurudi as her son too. Vavachan (Baburaj) gives them a job as a bully and after that Lalu meets Geethu or Geethanjali (Gauthamy) as a nurse in the hospital. Later Lalu works with Vishnu Budhan (Sudesh Berry). The movie deals with all the later happenings in their life.

From the beginning of the movie it goes fine. The first half was filled with a lot of comedy as well as good sequences. Starting of the second half may feel a bit lagging but soon the movie catch up the pace. The climax of the movie needs a very special mention. What a great climax for a good movie. Seeing this climax you will stand up to clap for the movie it’s really a brilliant part of the movie.

Srinath Rajendran who assisted Jayaraj in Mammootty’s Loud speaker he is the real man behind this good movie,the way he narrated the movie, the way he presented the movie all felt fresh and beautiful. Being his first directoral venture he achieves a big success with Second Show. Vini Vishwalal’s script was really brilliant that it suited to the occasion taking up a normal old story. Even though the story was not a fresh one, a person who watches this movie doesn’t feel so that’s the beauty of the direction as well as script. The music by Avial team was awesome. BGM by Rex vijayan was really brilliant and amazing that at many situations in the movie the music gives us the feel of the situation. Pappus camera works were also great to watch.

In the Acting section this movie may be a rare one were everyone in the movie gives a mesmerizing performance. Dulquer Salman along with Sunny was the real show stealers. Dulquer was the person whome everyone was looking for, being the son of one of the greatest actor India has ever seen. He puts up a brilliant show which is much more than what people had expected. It’s really a tuff task for a person to come up to the expectation with his first movie, but Dulqaer have given a good show. Sunny too gave a great performance that at times we feel he is taking away the movie. Gouthamy was good to see but there was nothing much to do for her in the movie. Baburaj , Rohini and rest of the crew also did a great job.

This movie is a dream start for atleast three people Srinath Rajendran,Dulquer Salman and Sunny. This movie will be remembered for ever a the first movie of Dulquer , Srinath, Sunny and as one of the few good movie of recent times. With the response the movie is getting it may end as one of the best movie of 2012.