“Ordinary” is all about Iravi Kuttan Pillai (Kunchacko Boban) who is font of politics but he had to join KSRTC as a conductor, the job he got by the death of his father as a govt. employee. He is appointed as conductor for the only KSRTC bus to “Gavi” an internal village. Suku (Biju Menon) comes as the driver for the bus. In the trip he meets Vakkachan (Babu Raj) who is a drunkard and Panchayath president (Lalu alex). At Gavi he meets Anna (Ann Augustine) who is an orphan staying with president and family who is in love with president’s son (Hemanth) also Iravi makes friendship with a local boy Bhadran (Asif Ali) and Jose (Jishnu) a local school teacher.Iravi meets Kalyani (Shritha Sivadas) who travels in this bus regularly and eventually falls in love with Iravi. The rest of the movie and the story is based on an incident which takes place just before the interval.

The movie started off brilliantly with a great consideration given to the humor element. The Biju Menon-Kunchacko chemistry was well worked out throughout the movie. The first half also depicted the beauty of Gavi. Towards the end of the first half the movie takes a vital turn which seems out to be the backbone of the storyline. Moving towards the second half the Comedy element reduced and the consideration was given for some serious and sentimental stuffs. The climax off the movie had suspense although predictable the movie could have created a bit of confusion about the climax at least in some of our minds.

Direction by Sugeeth was absolutely brilliant that it never felt that it was his first movie. The pattern in which he conveyed the movie was really good. The script by Nishad K Koya and Manu Prasad was absolutely amazing. The manner in which they brought humor as well as the way in which the movie took a twist ,all was good to see. If they could have carried the entertainment value throughout the movie then this “Ordinary” could have been something Extra ordinary. Faisal Ali’s camera works needs a special mention. The manner in which he recreated a Gavi on the screen was good that we will get a feel to visit Gavi soon. Music by Vidyasagar was also suiting the occasion and gave a feel of whats happening.

Acting section needs a plenty of praise. Kunchacko Boban was great throughout the movie as Iravi. It was a mesmerizing and solid performance from him throughout the movie. He did the love track also very well that we may feel he can still do a chocolate boy role with ease. There were also some heroic dialogs and scenes like the one with the police man which he did with ease and strength that we may feel like he is one among the superstars of Mollywood Mammootty or Mohanlal. Biju Menon also played a major role of supporting actor in the movie. He proves again that in supporting roles he is just amazing. The way in which tried out a new slang (a palakkadan type) and he dubbed it so brilliantly. And also he delivers most of the humor in the movie. Babu Raj needs a special mention although a small role, he has done it amazingly. Shritha , Jishnu and Lalu Alex gave a good show. Ann Augustine was good but at some scenes it just felt like everything is slipping out of her hands. Asif Ali who was good in the beginning went on to give just an average performance and at some points a below average performance, at some scenes everything went out of his hands and it felt like he is exaggerating his role with some over acting stuff. The role had a great scope but it should be said that Asif didn’t do justice to the role.

However it’s a good start for the new comer Sugeeth may be a dream opening for him. Kunchacko Boban is inching closer to a super stardom and Biju Menon gets to prove his talent once again. From the response the movie is getting it should atleast be ending as a super hit. House full status and heavy collections are being reported even during a week day.