Cobra is all about two brothers Raja (Mammootty) and Kari (Lal), brought up in Kottayam so they call themselves Cobras, They also wanted to marry some girls who are sisters. They always reside in places where the name starts with Co.They also had two securities (Salim Kumar and Manianpilla Raju). Due to some problems at their current location Cobras shift to Coimbatore. Here they come across John Samuel (Lalu Alex) whose house is for sale. Later they came to know about John Samuels’s daughters Sherly (Padma Priya) and Annie (Kaniha) and Cobras wishes to marry them. Issac (Babu Antony) and his brother wanted John Samuels Hospital which he was not willing to give. The movie is dealt with the Rest happenings in Cobras Life at Coimbatore.

The movies first half was filled with a large number of comedies in which few of them went down but still Cobra had its entertainment value in the first half. The second half was absolutely brilliant with some good number of comedies which will break us into laugh the moment we hear it. The half also had its story content a small suspense element with a good sentimental sequence which worked out well and an amazing climax too. The climax shots were picturised and directed brilliantly. This half was the best from Lal’s direction till date.

Lal’s direction has achieved some maturity and some class for the first time through Cobra. His previous hits always had a tremendous support from the “In Harihar Nagar” Success and the characters, but this time he doesn’t have both, but still he is out with a brilliant work. Script went down a bit but rest all went out fine. The Second half is the best by Lal till now. The Climax fights and sequences were shot brilliantly and with a great standard. Camera by Venu and Editting by V Sajan was good. Music by Alex Paul was also good to hear. BGM by Deepak dev was Brilliant.

In the acting section there was a good show by all the leading actors especially Mammootty and Lal did a splendid job in both Comedy and in Sentimental sequences. Lalu Alex needs a special mention for his role. Kaniha and Padmapriya were apt. Salim Kumar and Manianpilla Raju was ok with their roles. Babu Antony did a good job apart from one or two scenes. Jagathi was also good in his role.

Lal is expected to have a comeback after Tournament through Cobra. The Movie is expected to be a hit from the response it’s getting from the theaters. The movie is registering a huge rush and house full shows all over for the 1st four days. We have to wait to see how the weekdays go for Cobra. Have to wait a bit to know if Mammootty is back with a bang. For now the movie is expected to be a hit.