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Vishudhan Malayalam Movie Review:

Vishudhan is all about Sunny (Kunchako) who is a priest. He gets his new appointment after the service with bishop for 3 years. Sofia (Mia) is a Nun at the same church. Father Sunny as well as Sister Sofia loved their respective positions to the depth of their hearts. But fate had something different for them at this place. I don’t feel like sharing more story in here because it may be doing injustice to this movies maker’s because it’s simply like that which you will get to know after watching this movie.

Both halves are equally good and with a pretty good climax. The direction is best to the top most achievable limit in this movie with a good script and some brilliant dialogues which pop up once in a while. The concept is really good and a fresh one. Vysakh is simply the best at this point for me. I happened to see my shirt wet with full of sweat even though I was in a screen pretty well air conditioned at the Multiplex. That’s the impact the movie gave to me. I am still not sure how Vysakh brought in Biblical symbolism for this concept/Theme. It was such an amazing approach.

There is a natural lag in second half, knowingly induced to give the time space for explaining the character change of both the lead characters without which one may complain that how can they change so fast from their dreams and passion. There are certain dialogues in this movie which is well written suiting the occassion.

BGM and music by Gopi Sunder is also really good suiting the situations. Another important credit should be given to Shehnad the cinematographer who brought in some brilliant visuals. One such brilliant frame was the one nearing climax scene which resembles michelangelo pieta. What an amazing symbolism and scene was that. Another important section which succeeded is the Casting. All the actors from the main hero to supporting actors were at their best in this movie.

About Kunchako Boban, right now I am not getting words to describe his acting. I would like to point out some scenes like the one in which he is showing the emotion of sadness as well as anger in one look after lighting the Cremation bed. One other scene was his first night scene. Another scene is the climax scene. Undoubtedly I can say that this is his career best role. But I am disappointed that we had to wait 15 long years to see his exact caliber. Full credits should be given to Vysakh who believed in him and gave him this task. I am waiting Kunchako sir to see many more challenging characters from you. Mia also deserves a special mention for standing along with Kunchako with a really good performance. She is really beautiful in this character and the exact face which matched the character’s life. Nandu also is at his best. Rest of the cast delivered a surprise performance, especially the villain.

I like to give this movie a rating which is higher than the rating I have ever given for a movie.

This movie is a must watch one, but don’t expect an entertainer but expect a good movie.

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